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Melinda Carr


Melinda Carr is the primary consultant and owner of Carr Legal Nurse Consulting.

She has over 30 years experience in ICU, Critical Care Transport and Procedural Sedation with an emphasis on Pediatrics. She holds certification in Pediatrics and has historically held certifications in Trauma and Neonatal Intensive Care. Her professional passion has been caring and advocating for her patients. As a Legal Nurse Consultant she will bring her experience and knowledge of medical records, medical/nursing dynamics and clinical scenarios to your legal team whether plaintiff or defendant. As a member of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, she has a multitude of resources to support your legal team.

Melinda Carr in professional attire


Analyze cases for merit

Medical Records review- Expert review and analysis of the medical records, including investigation for compete records/documents.

Client interviews- over 30 years of experience compassionately speaking to parents/family during difficult situations

Assist with Independent Medical Exams

Event timeline, Chronologies, Summaries, analysis of breach in Standard of Care

Research of Medical Literature

Provide education of medical terminology, bedside critical decision interpretation and clarification of medical/nursing issues to support Legal team

Personal Injury - assessment of nature, extent and permanency of damages, future medical problems and potential expenses.

Melinda Carr with her dog

Melinda I Carr

Melinda lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband Joe. She has two grown sons Paul and Josiah. In her free time she enjoys family, travel, gardening, reading and playing with her own small animal kingdom.

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